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Challengers raided the junk piles, lofts and electronic graveyards to upcycle and resurrect obsolete kits into useful, modern, Internet connected devices.

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  • [Upcycle It] Nixie Display #13 - Wrap up.

    << Previous Blog Index It's been a tough, although certainly fun three months competing in the Upcycle It challenge. In this last blog I will present a wrap up of the Upcycled Nixie Display project. First of all I would like to thank Element14…
  • PDU #13 - Automation with Home Assistant - [Upcycle It]

    In this BLOG entry I want to share some of my automation that I have planned on getting working with my PDU. This example is showing one Edison reporting temperature to Home Assistant and then Home Assistant turning on and off an outlet that the fan is…
  • Upcycled Clock – Summary

    The last couple of months have been a lot of fun taking part in the challenge, and here is a quick summary of all the features I was able to implement as part of the challenge. I have managed to achieve most of the features I initially planned as part…
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