Attend this webinar to learn about the MiniZed, an entry-level development and demonstration platform for single-core Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC devices.


MiniZed is a single-core Zynq 7Z007S development board . This board targets entry-level Zynq developers with a low-cost prototyping platform.


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Win a MiniZed for Asking Questions!


Join us for a webinar where you will get an overview of the MiniZed. During this event, attendees will have a chance to win one of five MiniZeds for asking interesting questions about the Minized.



What you’ll learn from attending:

  • What’s in the MiniZed kit and its built-in connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and BLE
  • The tools and resources available to speed development
  • Cool things you can do with the Zynq-7000S, such as accelerating BDSP algorithms in hardware and interfacing MiniZed with your mobile device
  • See what kind of peripherals can be plugged into the Pmod-compatible connectors or the Arduino-compatible shield interface
  • Inside design tips and tricks by the makers of the MiniZed




MiniZed hardware and block diagram:

  • Kit contents
  • MiniZed Highlights
  • Block Diagram
  • Power Supply (How to order Dialog part)
  • Murata Wireless chip – this and the PetaLinux driver could take up 5 minutes
  • Microphone – PDM demodulation


Development Environment:

  • Vivado & SDK
  • PetaLinux (mention SDSoC, i2c-dev and spidev)
  • BSP’s and where to find this stuff


Reference Designs and Demos:

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • BLE apps for iOS and Android (will play video GIFs while speaking)
  • TDNext camera
  • Aaware
  • MiniZed Rover
  • Python Web Server



  • What is covered in training and where to go!
  • The MiniZed was used as part of the Path to Programmable training program.


Here is an overview from a trainee,   :


One of the graduates,     won the Grand Prize in the Programmable Logic contest from Project14. You can view his progress in Path to Programmable here:




Additional Resources:


About the MiniZed



On-board connectivity through the Murata "Type 1DX" wireless module that provides 

  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.1 plus EDR and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)


On-board memory from Micron

  • 512 MB DDR3L
  • 128 Mb QSPI flash
  • 8 GB eMMC


Peripherals can be plugged into

  • Dual Pmod-compatible connectors (16 GPIO)
  • Arduino-compatible shield interface (22 GPIO)
  • USB 2.0 host interface


Physical interface

  • Two bi-element user LED’s
  • User pushbutton
  • Reset pushbutton
  • User switch


The integrated power supply from Dialog generates all on-board voltages.  An auxiliary microUSB supply input can be used to power designs that require additional current.


On-board MEMS sensors from ST Micro

  • LIS2DS12 Motion and temperature sensor
  • MP34DT05 Digital Microphone


JTAG circuitry is incorporated onto the MiniZed base board. Only a single microUSB cable is required for power, programming, JTAG emulation and serial terminal debug output.


The Presenters:

image image
Stefan Rousseau, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Avnet Bryan Fletcher , Technical Marketing Director, Avnet

Stefan Rousseau is in the Products and Emerging Technologies group of Avnet.  Stefan has worked primarily with FPGA, signal processing, communications systems and security systems in embedded fields such as radar, telecommunications, contactless card readers and industrial testing.  He writes Verilog, VHDL, embedded and test software and also apps when necessary and he was the lead designer for the MiniZed single-core Zynq development board.

I've been a fan of programmable logic technology since early in my career at Hewlett-Packard and Evans & Sutherland. I work now in Avnet's Products & Emerging Technologies group, currently working on Ultra96-V2, after working on many development boards over the years and as a Field Applications Engineer.
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E14 MiniZed Webinar - hardware and examples.pdf