CircuitStudio - Altium's Professional PCB Tool

Manufactured By:Altium
CircuitStudio - Altium's Professional PCB Tool CircuitStudio - Altium's Professional PCB Tool
CircuitStudio - Altium's Professional PCB Tool
CircuitStudio - Altium's Professional PCB Tool
Part Number:11-100-15-1PE

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You already have the skills and knowledge to do your job well, but do you have the tools? Are you fed up with your current PCB design tool? CircuitStudio is a printed circuit board design system that is professional, affordable, and intuitive. Leverage this powerful EDA tool to access a new level of user-friendliness and 30 years of PCB design technology from Altium. It will inspire you to invent the future, instead of being preoccupied with just making it work.

Version 1.5 now released! Learn more at the CircuitStudio Community space.

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Professional PCB Design Tools for Professional PCB Designers

  • Powered by 30 years of PCB CAD design technology from Altium
  • Built for professional designers with a focus on ease-of-use
  • Unified PCB schematic and layout toofor professional workflows

Intuitive User Interface

  • Easy to use and learn immediately with intuitive user interface
  • Quickly find your most commonly used features with ribbon UI design
  • Save time learning the software with detailed documentation and videos

Extensive Content Library

  • Meet your budget every time with real-time information on component pricing
  • Save time on your next design with thousands of ready-to-use, professional components
  • Always meet your time-to-market goals with real-time part availability

Professional Workflow Accountability

  • Keep track of all design changes with a powerful version control system
  • Easily document your design history with schematic to board synchronizations
  • Clearly communicate your design intent with industry-standard documentation options


CircuitStudio - Standalone License Plus 1st Year Subscription
This is a perpetual single seat license for CircuitStudio from Altium . It included the first year's subscription to receive CircuitStudio product updates, upgrades and access to the Altium Vault.

CircuitStudio - Renewal of 12 Month Product Update and Vault Content Subscription
Renewal of 12 month subscription to Receive CircuitStudio product updates, upgrades and access to the Altium Vault

Upgrades to Altium Designer
If you are an CircuitStudio license holder and wish to upgrade to Altium Designer, there is an upgrade path available directly from Altium of USD $995  (or equivalent) off the list price of Altium Designer.

Terms & Conditions of Sale


Powerful Schematic Capture

  • Hierarchical Multi-Sheet Design
  • Built-In Mixed-Mode SPICE Simulation Engine
  • Altium Industry-Standard Schematic Editor and File Format

Feature-Rich PCB Editing

  • Constraint Driven Interactive Routing
  • Built-In Autorouter Engine
  • Support for Differential Pairs
  • Powerful Native 3D PCB Visualization Engine

Centralized Content Management

  • Content Library of Over 350,000 Parts and Growing
  • Integrated Live Supply Chain Management and Visibility
  • Easily Create Custom Parts From Existing Library or from Scratch
  • Step Export Capability

Required Tools

Accessory Tools



Design Techniques

Training Document


Latest FAQs and Knowledge Base

The list of FAQs below are out of date. Please visit our Altium CircuitStudio Knowledge Base for the latest informaiton.

How will I receive the product 11-004-15-1 E?

The product (11-004-15-1 E) will be sent to you as an email with an attached activation code and a link to DL the SW.

Are Altium Designer PCB layout files compatible with CircuitStudio

Currently schematic files are. Layout files are not.

Does the Trial expire 14 days after I requested or 14 days after it has been downloaded?

Trial will expire 14 days from requested date.

How do I install this product (11-004-15-1 E)?

There is an online installer that will walk you through the installation.

Will my Circuit Studio software stop working if I do not renew my maintenance subscription?

The Circuit studio software is perpetual, this means that the software will still work, but access to the Altium 'on-line parts vault' and software updates will be denied once the subsription has expired.

Is the trial a limited version of CircuitStudio?

The Trial is full version of CircuitStudio.

Is import of DXF files and Altium Designer Files currently supported?

Import of DXF and Altium Designer files is not currently supported.

Will I get a reminder before my maintenance subscription expires?

The Altium Circuit Studio software does keep a register of how many days are left before the Subscription expires. This is visible on the " Extensions and Updates" page. You will also receive a notice to renew from e14 ahead of the expiration.

Who will send me the subscription activation code?

Altium will send the activation code on an email directly to you.

Where is the Orcad Import located?

You can find it by going to Start » Extensions and Updates and click Installed tab and then Configure. Click the link that says "All On".

Why is there no output for an IPC-D-356 netlist?

There is no discrete IPC 356 generator because there is a test point report generated with the ODB Exporter.

None of the above FAQ's seem to answer my question. Do you have any further information?

Yes. Our engineer has answers to a lot more FAQ's. You can find this as a document under the documents section titled "More FAQ's".

Can CircuitStudio files be loaded into Altium Designer?

Circuit Studio Files can be loaded into Altium Designer.

How do I hook onto the vault with CircuitStudio?

Go to preferences under the file menu , select data management , select vaults, select add Altium content vault, select use alternative credentials, enter user name and password select ok, select apply, select ok. Go back to the file menu select vault explorer to see the selection of library components.

When I am doing a project how do I get back to the home page

Go to the view tab and on the far left is a button that looks like a house, select that and it will bring you to the Start page.

What is the difference between the Standalone license 29Y9077 and License subscription 29Y9076?

Standalone License 29Y9077 is the CircuitStudio software license that allows you to use the main features perpetually with a single one time purchase for each seat.This license also includes a 1 year of access to subscription based software features like Vault content, product updates and upgrades.

License Subscription 29Y9076 is an annual renewal for access to CircuitStudio’s subscription based features like Vault content, product updates and upgrades. This is an annual purchase after the first year of using your CircuitStudio standalone license.

What are the major differences between AD and ACS?

Altium Designer is a highly integrated professional PCB design tool essential in today’s engineering teams including features like native 3D, importers, formal validation and PCB release process will give you big efficiency gains.
Altium CircuitStudio is a professional PCB design tool built on Altium DNA with its functionality distilled into a very simple to learn Ribbon design interface making it very easy to pick up and go and a feature set focused on designing practically any PCB your designs call for efficiently.

Is there a help key in CircuitStudio?

Yes, hover over a command you want info on and hit the F1 key.

I can't see the download key on the Altium Live web site.

Depending on the resolution of your screen you may need to set the view screen menu to something less than 100% ... example 75%

What is the minimum screen resolution suggested for Circuit studio?

Altium suggest 1280 x 1024 or higher

Are there any libraries local to Circuit Studio or are they all in the vault?

Most are in the Vault, but there is a miscellaneous library local to circuit studio.

What happens if I don't re-new the support fee at the end of my 1 year license?

Your Altium license is perpetual. The software will continue to function after the first year; however you will not be able to hook onto the vault and will not have access to product updates.

Is complete offline installation supported?

Completely offline installation is not supported for CircuitStudio at this time.

Does CircuitStudio have an OrCad importer?

Yes, you install the importer from the "Updates and Extensions" Tab from the home screen.
  • New install of user.

    Am unable to open, create new or do anything with projects without program hanging.  

    Docs open fine.

    I see some previous posts related to this but no solutions.

    Appreciate any suggestions to try.