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Special Guest MATRIX Labs returns to discuss their Pixar Zigbee Lamp Robot Arm and using the MATRIX Voice!


Community Member Presenters , , , , , & !


Live Stream was on May 29th:  Time 5:30 PM CST (10:30 PM GMT)


Click the 'View Event Recording' button to view this webinar on demand!



We will be closing off the Month of Robots with a special live stream on Robotics.  Like our first live stream, it will be the first live stream on the community where community members present.  We'll feature robotics themed show & tells from our community members as well as a robotics show & tell from our special guests, MATRIX Labs.  This live stream will also be a tribute to Gordon McComb, Father of Hobby Robotics, whose Robot Builder's Bonanza was credited with making robotics projects accessible to the masses when it was first published in 1987.  The 5th of edition of the Robot Builder's Bonanza was published posthumously in December of last year.


Robotics has come a long way since 1987, this live stream will Show & Tell robotics projects in honor of Gordon McComb.  Helping us do this will be community member presenters who have a love of robotics projects.  Community Member Presenters , , and will be joined by returning community presenters , , and . Special Guest MATRIX Labs will be returning to reveal new features of their Pixar Zigbee Lamp Robot Arm project and answer any questions community members have about the MATRIX Voice.


Download the agenda below!


Book Giveaway: The Robot Builder's Bonanza: Fifth Edition



Win a Copy of the Fifth Edition of the Robot Builder's Bonanza for asking questions!


Roadtest the MATRIX Voice and let us know if you have any questions for MATRIX Labs:

Matrix VOICE Dev Board


At the time of Gordon McComb's death he was just finishing up on the fifth edition of the Robot Builder's Bonanza.  We'll be giving away a limited number of 5th editions of Robot Builder's Bonanza to help inspire interest in robotics from people willing to ask questions!  The 5th edition is notable because it touches on even more areas of our community. There are entire chapters on using an Arduino , a micro:bit , Raspberry Pi , and other microcontrollers such as the PICAXE, Parallax Basic Stamp, and the Parallax Propeller.  His book clearly explains the essential hardware, circuits, and brains and contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step plans for low-cost, cool robotics projects.The projects are modular and can be combined to create a variety of highly intelligent and workable custom robots.


What you learn from reading the book:

  • How to wire up robotics circuits from common electronic components
  • How to get up and running building your own robots
  • How to attach motors, wheels, legs, arms, and grippers
  • How to make your robots walk, talk, and obey commands
  • How to build brains from Arduino, BBC Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers
  • How to incorporate touch, proximity, navigation, and environmental sensors
  • How to operate your ‘bot via remote control
  • How to generate sound and interpret visual feedback
  • How to Construct advanced robots that can see light and follow pre-drawn paths!


Discover. Learn. Share.


MATRIX Labs will be special guests and they'll join us to share their robotics projects.  They'll be presenting their Pixar zigbee lamp robot arm which they introduced us to in Once a Robot Arm, Always a Robot Arm...Different Personality?  They'll build some more features for it and have it do something with food for the Bay Area Maker Faire, May 17-19, which has an Asian food market theme. They'll Show and Tell how it works! Additionally, they'll talk a bit MATRIX Voice.


They recently got over the air programming for the ESP32 using Arduino IDE working with it, so that's exciting news for fans of Arduino!


Special Guest Presenters


As the Innovation Manager at MATRIX Labs,   puts on various hats. Whether it be programming an app for our MATRIX app store, planning events, sales and business development, production and procurement, marketing and brand management, building a hardware device based off of our products, or managing our team of contributors. is the Community Manager at MATRIX Labs, a design enthusiast, a robotics enthusiasts, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Computer and Design Integration Minor. She's also volunteered as a mentor at Computers4Kids & The Clubhouse@C4K, where she mentored children and helped their ideas become a reality, volunteered at the Society of Women Engineers to spread awareness about women in engineering and encourage girls to pursue engineering, and volunteered at Lego Mindstorm Programs through MARS to teach robotics and programming to children at local elementary schools and the Virginia Institute of Autism.




This will be followed by a Show & Tell Session from Community Members.


Be Creative. Have Fun. Entertain.


What you do is more important than who you are.  Throughout the Live Stream we'll showcase the following Project14 robotics projects:


Size Matters Not - An R2D2 Story by

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) - Droid in Action by

Robots with Wheels - CupRobot by

Cardboard Robot With Wheels: A BBC micro:bit STEM project by

300g BOT by

BBC MicroBit Robot Bonanza by

Captain S.L.O.W. (Rhex inspired)  by

The Making of R2D2 - The Force on Wheels by

Mini Quadcopter  by 

The Drawing Machine Part 1. The micro:cycloid  by 


Additionally,  will do a video Show & Tell of all his robotics projects!   A robotics Show & Tell video from as well!


Connect. Inspire. Influence.


Project14  is a by members, for members program.  This will be the first live stream where community members present. 


Community Member Presenters:


Project14 Step Climber, Finisher, 2 x First Place Trophy Winner, Heart Trophy Winner, and Grand Prize Cup WinnerProject14 Founder, Influencer, Step Climber, Finisher, 4 x First Place Trophy Winner, and Heart Trophy Winner.

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Moderator & Co-Presenter


To keep things at 45 minutes and make sure the community member presenters get to share their electronics project related story your friendly host at element14 will keep track of time, without wanting to interrupt anyone, to make sure everyone gets to have their story heard.  The goal is for everyone to walk away with an enriching experience, including novices, experts, or anyone anywhere in between!


  runs Project14  monthly project competitions and the Arduino  program for the element14 community.  Before that he worked mostly with element14's The Ben Heck Show  team and was part of the transition team when it was rebranded element14 presents .   Recently,  he's been involved with webinars, still helps out with the element14 presents team, and goes wherever the team needs him.

Project14 Founder, Decider, and Jedi


Raw. Unscripted. Real.





So, what does a Project14 Live Stream look like?  It will be part educational and part entertainment, aka edutainment!  There will be video clips, it will be fast paced, and it will be set up with watchability in mind'


It will be creative and fun, light hearted, and there will be learning involved.


You'll learn something new while being entertained.  There's no cost to learn and be a part of the discussion!


Community Member Feedback on Inaugural Live Stream:


"I enjoyed the webinar.  Good content.  It's nice to have everyone discuss what they've created."  -

"Thank you Tariq, it was really nice this event. Not only the hour flew fast but - IMHO - it was incredibly nice and genuine. I have had only one feedback (a 2.00 a.m. when the live finished) by a friend - a hero of the community too, who was awake late night to look at the show and give me feedback - and the result from the users was great. I think what all appreciated was just the freshness and originality of the event. The right mix of preparation and improvisation. I think this is another idea that will grow, another Project14 effect. We started with an experiment then become a very participated monthly constant.



I liked the format and the content. Thanks for organizing it. -

I missed the live show, but I have managed to watch the recording now, and loved it. Well done, I think this initiative has a great potential! Looking forward to see more. -

Agenda Robotics LiveStream.pptx